About the artist


Andrés Rozo is a Colombian-Italian Fine Art Photographer and educator with a deep concern for the traces left by the passage of time and the relationship between people and their everyday objects. He specialized in Multimedia Creation and holds a master’s degree in Design and Interactive Creation. Andrés has been assessed by the British Institute of Professional Photography twice and has recently received a Qualified Associate Certificate in Fine Art. He has exhibited internationally and has won awards in various photographic salons and competitions around the world. The intention of his art is to re-signify the forms of the ordinary, seeking to seduce new perceptions. Some of his limited-edition prints can be found in private and public collections in Colombia, Mexico, and England.


My fine art photography works are born from an introspection and a conscious aesthetic experimentation that seeks to capture the photographic essence of the ephemeral and the poetry that is hidden in the everyday. Each project generally starts from an idea that has gone through a process of observation, reflection, and incubation until it becomes a mental image, to later materialize through the composition of shapes and textures that stand out with the use of the black and white technique. Proposing abstract, metaphorical and in some cases, sculptural narratives.

My oeuvre seeks to provide the viewer with a hallucinatory experience that leads them to discover new associations and meanings from their inner universe.

Andrés Rozo - Fine Art Photographer

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